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Oxidized Cast Iron Teapot With Bamboo Design


Thoughtfully conceived and impeccably crafted, this quality teapot transforms the daily task of brewing tea into a savored ritual.

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Japanese Yakkan Red Copper Engraved Teapot


This heirloom-quality red copper decorated and engraved teapot changes the daily task of making tea into a routine to be enjoyed.

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Dragon Pattern Purple Zisha Clay Kung Fu Teapot


Classic dragon pattern design exquisite purple earth Yixing teapot for your daily tea ritual.

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Natural Ore Dragon Decorated Purple Mud Yixing Teapot


This original, artfully decorated purple clay teapot is especially recommended for Green Tea, Black Tea, Scented Tea, and Craft Tea.

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Dragon Embossed Kung Fu Tea Set


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Japanese Rattan Design Silver Teapot


Meticulously designed Japanese Rattan pure silver S999 teapot handmade with original craftsmanship and the utmost care.

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Embossed Handcrafted Cast Iron Japanese Tetsubin Teapot


Beautifully handcrafted teapot with embossed design for your special dark tea brands. This teapot and water kettle is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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Triangular Retro Design Cast Iron Teapot and Water Kettle


A Retro-styled, handmade, cast iron teapot with a golden design embossed on a triangular shape. In Japan, these teapots are passed on through generations.

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